Greetings card archive


This link is hot right now on (thanks to for the thumbnail). It’s a site that shows a whole bunch of scanned business cards and assorted pictures in a grid. The grid is pretty to look at and could potentially contain a large amount of information. It reminds me of an idea I have for archiving greetings cards.

Electronic greetings cards don’t cut the mustard for me I’m afraid – I much prefer the real deal. But a month after the event they’re consigned to a memory box. I can’t throw them away because they are personal to me, but I dont know when I’ll look at them again and they take up space so I put them out of the way somewhere. I’d love to have a way of electronically archiving the greetings cards I receive in a similar way to this grid of business cards. But in addition to seeing the picture on the front of the card, I’d want to see what was written inside. So my archived greetings card page/application would need to be able to flip the card over easily (when you rolled over it perhaps) to see the message inside. Alternatively, I might want to flip the whole page of cards over so I could see all the messages and then roll over a card’s message to see it’s picture. This application would present a christmas or birthdays card haul in a single attractive view, allow me to look at the cards and messages that people had sent me in the past more easily and save me space. The implementation of the archiving and presentation tool would be fairly straightforward, but I have yet to find the piece of hardware that makes it easy to scan both sides of a stack of greetings cards. So for the moment it’s a little art project that I might get around to, one day.

One thought on “Greetings card archive

  1. I’ve stopped using my scanner in favour of my digital camera. It’s a lot quicker, and good enough for the things I’ve done with it, although I think that in this case you’d be wanting to do a lot of cropping of the resulting images to make it look nice.


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