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Home NAS

So I’m looking at acquiring some network attached storage (NAS) and wondering how best to get a cute, quiet, efficient box that will store and share the family pictures / emails / music / files (not videos) within a mixed environment (Windows, Ubuntu, Android, Smart TV) and not be a burden to maintain.  Software-wise I like Ubuntu (for the OS) and Subsonic (for the music streaming) but I’m not especially attached to either. This home built server matches these “requirements”  but the diy angle is a little too onerous for me right now.

Linus Torvalds went through a similar process earlier this year and has some nice suggestions in the comments on his google+ thread.  In particular people seem to like the drobo, qnap, synology offerings but most vendors get a mention.  After this first pass I’m quite taken with the Synology DS213+ as it’s linux, it seems to do all I require and people are almost raving about it in the comments, but I’ll look into the options a little deeper before jumping in…

[Edit – seems Linus came to the same conclusion re: vendor after his post]

Presentation smells

In software development, code reviewers sometimes talk about smells – observations about a piece of code that, while not damning, are signs that the code may not be very good. I saw a presentation last week that suggested the idea of smells could be applied more widely. Presentation smells that I can think of include:

  • Apologising for not having enough sleep due to being up all night preparing the talk
  • Not having a narrative for your talk – why are you doing it? – why do you think it might be interesting to your audience?
  • Suggesting that there is too much content to fit into the talk
  • Reading your own (very dense) slides
  • Not following time cues from the facilitator

I’m sure there are more. Any suggestions?