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Tectonic shifts

I’m absolutely gobsmacked by the list of datasets that the City of London has declared it will publish today. This is a huge democratising step that I am very impressed by. I dont know the back story – in my experience this sort of thing takes years to happen – but I’m sure the City of London will be immediately rewarded with innovative visualisations of their data because there are lots of motivated and very capable people in that city. Exciting stuff.


Came across siftables today for the first time via a link from O’Reilly Radar, which referenced a post from that very nice Phil chap’s coverage at ETech (wish I was there).  This is very nice kit.  The video on the siftables site is really quite exciting.   And it shows footage from a media lab – another awesome project from MIT that I’d forgotten about.  All very life affirming.

Apparently there was a New Scientist article about it a month or so ago so I was surprised I’d missed it.  I suppose it must have been in that issue that got lost in the heavy snow 🙁