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Installing Padrino on Ubuntu / Debian

I’ve been tinkering with Padrino this week. Padrino is a ruby web framework built on top of the delightful sinatra microframework. I found it attractive because

  • it appears to have a simple design, as you’d expect of something built on top of sinatra,
  • it rolls in the various elements that you’d expect for a fully fledged web framework (i.e. orm, database, mailer) but makes no commitments to the particular modules used for each *
  • it had a default Admin interface (which is a huge win for Django IMO).

There’s quite a bit of supporting material on the web, but my impression after a few hours is that it’s still pretty beta and has a strong leaning towards RHEL linux. So this post details the steps I had to take to be able to work through the basic project guide with Ubuntu Lucid Lynx. Continue reading Installing Padrino on Ubuntu / Debian

You lied to me when you said this was a program

A Dutch colleague introduced me to a while ago – an excellent software engineering resource. I hadnt noticed it before* but today I was most tickled by a quote he has on his code page:

A friend of mine in a compiler writing class produced a compiler with one error message ‘you lied to me when you told me this was a program’


* Maybe I did notice it before and didnt get it. Since I first looked at that site I’ve done some work with the RACC, JACC and JavaCC compiler compilers (of the two Java compiler compilers, I prefer JavaCC).